Tabitha McGuire

About Me

Tabitha McGuire is a senior at Jerseyville Community High School. She hopes to one day achieve her goal of obtaining a bachelor's degree and take on a career in Public Relations. She is unsure of what college would be the best fit for her, but she knows anything is achievable by following her heart. In her personal time, Tabitha loves to spend as much time as possible with her friends and family. She also maintains a part time job as a waitress where she can meet and speak with many great individuals.

“Being a part of the Jersey County CEO program was one of my best decisions for my final year of high school. I have learned many great life skills that I will forever be grateful for. From learning something as simple as how to professionally introduce yourself, to meeting with numerous backbones of our town, I have matured greatly. I will remember and cherish my experiences here for the rest of my life whether I return to Jerseyville or not.”

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