Seanah Lewis

About Me

Seanah Lewis is a student at Jerseyville Community High School. She is looking to achieve a degree in both Business and Accounting, as well as her CPA, in hopes to run her own accounting firm. Her dream school is DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois where she can experience the fast-paced inner city living, and have the opportunity to live in the center of many Fortune 500 companies. She is also joining the Army in hopes of becoming a Cryptologic Linguist. In her free time, Seanah likes to read, tend to her fish and cat, and babysit her niece. She is the daughter of Melissa and Paul Lewis of Jerseyville.

“I believe the lessons I learn in CEO, unlike a traditional class, can and will be used to my advantage for the rest of my life. Whether or not I chose to take the path of an entrepreneur, the experiences I take from this program will lead me to a brighter future in both work and life.”

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