TAX TALK • Crystal Bock
If you want something done and done well, this is the person you call. She is involved in so many local organizations and has always been willing to come speak to the students, even in the midst of tax season.

She gave students a guide of how to create a tax EIN (this helps protect your social security number). She explained how the tax brackets work according to what your business is bringing in and had helpful examples.
She also talked about her education background at SIUE and then completing her masters to then pass the CPA exam. She enjoys investigative accounting and helping people find and resolve issues. She is a long time employee at Scheffel & Boyle in the Jerseyville office.

Students had many questions about taxes that Crystal was able to answer. These students are a step ahead of their peers, and likely many adults, after this conversation.

Thank you for speaking to us and answering all of our questions, Crystal!
Thank you, CNB Bank & Trust , for hosting us!