Our CEO group got to visit with Kyle Steiner one of the two owners of Applied Engineering Plastics here in Jerseyville. Kyle described what they do, shared some of his thoughts on how to run a business and gave us a tour of their production facility. CEO board member Julie Brangenberg joined us. AEP makes plastic components for other companies assembled products.

“Throughout our visit with Kyle, he kept the mood light and made sure to keep us all on board. It was so easy to ask questions and have a normal conversation with him.” – CEO student Tabitha McGuire

“We learned a lot about different machines some of which I’ve used but the lathe that also did drilling and milling blew my mind.” – CEO student Caden Witt

“He (Kyle) told me that even if I plan to be an accountant, ….it’s important to understand the manufacturing side, floor level, of any company I work for because it can be hard for me to understand where a certain number may come from, or why a worker thinks/talks a certain way if I don’t know anything about the work.” – CEO student Seanah Lewis

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