At Jersey Community Hospital Jon Wade, CEO, Beth King, CFO, and Julie Smith, Chief Nursing Officer talked about the management and medical side of running a hospital. Julie brought portable AV medical equipment into the room and we visited live with Dr. Heath in Boston, Mass. He shared how with the aid of staff at JCH he can interview a patient and aid in providing immediate treatment 24/7.

“This visit was one of my favorites because we were able to experience the virtual doctor assistance that is new at the hospital. I didn’t even know that the hospital was involved or funded in that sort of high technology use so that was very interesting to be a part of.” - Hailey Tonsor, CEO student

“My favorite part of the visit was getting to see the lab. I guarantee no other student has seen the lab of the hospital and I feel very privileged to be in such a great program that allowed me to do so.” -Tabitha McGuire, CEO student

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