Stan & Shirley Sinclair • Sinclair Foods
Do you know how Stan & Shirley first met? Read below to find out. 🙂

“You’re only as good as your worst employee” - Stan
“Take care of your customers and take care of your employees.” - Shirley

The first store was out of the house in 1940. Stan’s father started the first store with only $25! He told the students that back then there were about 30 grocery stores in town that were mostly out of people’s homes. This was due to people not having vehicles and having to walk everywhere.

They built the second store in 1965 and the current location was built in 1991. It took five years of planning and researching every detail before they built the current location. Stan insisted there be a cafe and drive-thru and wanted short aisles.

They’ve always delivered groceries and continue to do that as well as grocery pickup.
You can order online and your groceries will be ready to go when you arrive.

The meat selection is one of the most popular items. Darin, the meat department director, spoke with the students about working his way up from stocking shelves. He said their most popular cuts are chuck roast in the cooler months and ribeye steak anytime of year.
They make the sausage in-house and it is a 70 year old recipe!

Stan served in the reserve Marines and narrowly missed having to go to Vietnam. Shirley said it was heartbreaking when Stanley hugged his two-year old daughter and they didn’t know if he was coming back. Shirley still remembers sitting in a car listening to the radio with his mother to hear if President Johnson was going to send his division. They were relieved when they heard the news that he did not have to go.

How they met:
Shirley went to the store with her grandmother and that is where she first saw Stanley - Sitting there stocking pork & beans. They started talking that day and have been together ever since! They married on Thanksgiving day in 1962 (they chose this day based on the store being closed).

You would be hard-pressed to find a more beloved couple in Jersey County.
These two are the epitome of entrepreneurs that truly serve their community.

Thank you for showing us around and sharing your wisdom with us today!
Thank you for the delicious breakfast sandwiches as well!