MJM Electric Cooperative, Inc. - Check out the link in the comments for their 80th anniversary video!

“You never want to stop learning. You never know where your life will take you.” - Joe Heyen
“Strive to be the best at what you’re doing.” - Bob Brandon
“Have the Nike attitude - just do it. Start trying even if it’s at a crawling pace.” - Eric Cooper

What did we notice most about these three? They genuinely enjoy where they work. They said MJM has 37 employees and that it truly feels like a family. This is an 80 year old company that is still expanding and evolving. They have over 7800 members and span across 2000+ miles of power lines.

Joe Heyen - CEO
He grew up on a farm and as a young child planned to be a farmer. When he was older farming wasn’t looking like a wise choice for him, so he took a job with a local electrician.
He ended up buying that electric business at the young age of 19! He successfully ran that for 10 years before selling.
He sold the business because he knew he wanted to be a lineman and if he didn’t go for it then, he was never going to.
He has been with MJM for 8 years. He truly loves what he does.
He encouraged the students to at least get a two year degree in any field.

Bob Brandon - Director of Engineering
Began his training and career in the Navy from 1984 - 1990. His grandfather was also in the Navy so it was a somewhat familiar path to take. He explained that military school is 40 hours a week.
After his time in the Navy, he began working for the City of Springfield, IL. He was the superintendent and managed a 36 MILLION dollar budget - whoa!
He has 40 years of experience in this field and still enjoys what he does to this day. His favorite part of his job is serving the members. He truly loves helping people.
We loved Bob’s answer to a student’s question regarding career path - “Do you want to be the salesman or the boss?”.

Eric Cooper - Communication and Member Services Coordinator
Previously was the Youth Pastor at Cross Church in Carlinville, IL. He has also been in a band, Miles Station, for the past 18 years - check them out!
He explained the difference between a Cooperative vs. Investor Owned company. He also gave advice on best practices with marketing/communications for the students’ individual businesses. He is very knowledgeable on all things MJM, cooperatives, and marketing.

Thank you so much for making the drive to Jerseyville to come visit with us!