“Take care of your employees.” - Susan Hamilton
“Develop your basic skills like phone calls, typing, public speaking - it matters.” - Andy Hamilton

Grafton Technologies, Inc. began in 1910. Back then, it was operated by switchboard! They have always been a family operated business. Susan’s great grandfather, William Pohlman, founded the company.

Their business philosophy isn’t one you’ll find in a big city. If they are faced with a decision that one path leads to more profitability, but the other leads to a satisfied customer - they choose the latter. They know and truly care about their customers.

They’ve taken huge risks in their business. They’ve chosen to be innovative and, at times, many others in the industry strongly believed they would fail due to the complexity of the projects. They have overcome challenges and that is a testament not only to their high quality of work but also the supportive community that Jersey County is.

We also learned about the fiber vs copper cables, grants, customer service, and they even showed us the back room with all of the severs! The back room is protected by incredibly thick concrete walls. The air conditioning is always running in the back due to the constant heat put off by the equipment.

This was such an eye opening business visit!

Thank you, Susan & Andy!