Stop 1: Betty's Get N Go
“Make sure you sell something people WANT, not just the things they need.” - Betty Duggan

We had complimentary delicious egg & sausage sandwiches. Betty shared that her favorite part of the job is the customers. She has owned the business for over 10 years now. She wakes up at 3am and works 7 days a week!

Before owning the store she worked as a bus driver for District 100 and was also the previous Mayor of Fieldon for many years.

Residents appreciate that they don’t have to make a trip to Jerseyville just to get something like milk and can just go up the street.
Betty has always been a public servant at heart and this store is her way of continuing to serve her community.

Stop 2: Bank of Calhoun County
“Out of bad things can come good things.” - Chris Simon

During the flood of 1993, people could not get to the bank in Calhoun. They were planning for the bank to be temporary and set it up in an old restaurant building (the current BB’s building - known for their delicious pizzas).
Due to all of the flooding, the money from the calhoun bank had to be helicoptered in by the National Guard. When the flood resided, the town of Fieldon started a petition and had 500 signatures to encourage the bank to create a permanent branch.

Chris also explained how banks work with a fractional reserve system. He truly has a passion for banking and makes it as easy as possible on his clients with his “common sense banking”.

Stop 3: TJ Horses & Tack
”Be diversified in the products you offer.” - Lisa Jones

You’ll know this building as you’re driving through Fieldon as the one with the huge horse on top. When you step in the doors you will instantly smell the leather of the saddles.

This is absolutely a family business. Lisa & Ted Jones have been in the horse business for many years now. Their three children are some of the most confident riders you will find. If you want a riding horse that you can feel safe on in any given situation - this is the place. You would be hard-pressed to find a family that can break horses better than the Jones family.

They not only sell horses, but also saddles, tack, cow hides, horse trailers, leather goods, and so much more!

After this visit today, we have a feeling that some students went home and told their parents they wanted to own horses.

Stop 4: Fieldon Fashion
“Find something you love and do that.” - Cathy (Coot) Heitzig

As soon as you step foot inside, you are greeted with the best smelling shampoo and Cathy’s smiling face. She has been in business for 47 years! She was a young entrepreneur and started at the age of 18. Cathy said after all these years she still loves it; she will be on vacation and by the end, she is ready to get back to work.

She also talked about some of the unexpected aspects of being a beautician - like being asked to do hair on someone who has passed away. She said she was scared the first time and now she is used to it. To her she wouldn’t want anyone else to do it for her clients; she sees it as the last way she can serve that person and help their hair look nice one last time.

Cathy said her favorite part is being able to do hair for different generations. Seeing people that she used to do their hair as a kid and then bring in their child is something she really enjoys.