We recently visited The Bargain Outlet!
Check out the photos and captions to see the student created “social ads”.

The owners, Cindy Kolb Brown and George Roethemeyer, talked to us about their business model and we were amazed.

They started out years ago with having a yard sale from a retail truck (you buy a trailer and have no idea what is going to be in it) and now they have THREE store locations!

They talked about tips for social media, treating your employees well, the gritty truth of what it takes to be an entrepreneur (especially when you’re first starting out), and the difference between buying trucks and working directly with vendors.

Cindy manages the Jerseyville location and is one of the kindest people you’re going to meet. She is always offering to help CEO students in anyway she can. George and Cindy are very charitable people and believe it’s an important part of business to give back to the community.

The students were put into groups and tasked with finding a product at the store to create an ad. They ran around the store and took photos and even needed up making some purchases of their own!

Thank you Cindy and George for telling us about your business! We enjoyed it!!